TCL P316L Firmware Flash File

Hi There you welcome to our site. In this part we will talking about flash file for TCL P316L Firmware TCL P316L rom to Fix Reboot to recovery tested.


CPU: MT6735 SW:0000 Ver: CA00
  Downloading Boot8 ...
  EMMC Size: 0x00E9000000
  Flash Type: EMMC
  INT/EXT RAM  Size: 0x20000/0x20000000
  Reading infr(EMMC)...
  id:LMY47D release-keys
  model:TCL P316L
  PROINFO  BaseAddr:0x80000  Size:0x300000
  NVRAM  BaseAddr:0x380000  Size:0x500000
  PROTECT1  BaseAddr:0x880000  Size:0xA00000
  PROTECT2  BaseAddr:0x1280000  Size:0xA00000
  LK  BaseAddr:0x1C80000  Size:0x80000
  PARA  BaseAddr:0x1D00000  Size:0x80000
  BOOT  BaseAddr:0x1D80000  Size:0x1000000
  RECOVERY  BaseAddr:0x2D80000  Size:0x1000000
  LOGO  BaseAddr:0x3D80000  Size:0x800000
  EXPDB  BaseAddr:0x4580000  Size:0xA00000
  SECCFG  BaseAddr:0x4F80000  Size:0x80000
  OEMKEYSTORE  BaseAddr:0x5000000  Size:0x200000
  SECRO  BaseAddr:0x5200000  Size:0x600000
  KEYSTORE  BaseAddr:0x5800000  Size:0x800000
  TEE1  BaseAddr:0x6000000  Size:0x500000
  TEE2  BaseAddr:0x6500000  Size:0x500000
  FRP  BaseAddr:0x6A00000  Size:0x100000
  NVDATA  BaseAddr:0x6B00000  Size:0x2000000
  METADATA  BaseAddr:0x8B00000  Size:0x2500000
  SYSTEM  BaseAddr:0xB000000  Size:0x35800000
  CACHE  BaseAddr:0x40800000  Size:0x19000000
  USERDATA  BaseAddr:0x59800000  Size:0x8E780000
  FLASHINFO  BaseAddr:0xE7F80000  Size:0x1000000

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