A21s SM-A217F Auto Patch Firmware U8 OS11


Hi There, you welcome to our site. In this part we will talking about firmware for A21s SM-A217F AF auto patch root with all AF binaries (BIT8) Android 11.

Samsung as af u auto patch file samsung featured-رایت سامسونگ فایل auto patch-af u firmware-afxxscui-پچ-gb

An auto security fix stock is a modified rom that has pre-rooted features. And it has many benefits and uses in repairing phones such as:

  • Repairing phone Networks.
  • Fixing Cert to repair IMEI, ESN, EFS to run phone calling well.
  • Converting Exynos devices to DualSIM without TWRP.
  • Activate call recording feature on unsupported devices.
  • Repair problems with NG, KG status.
  • Convert flash from locale to Global.

A21s SM-A217F U7-U8 AF OS 11 download link

  • A217FXXU6CUF5-AutoPatch_OS11 Link PASS= exclusive_file
  • A217F U7 Android 11 AutoPatch A217FXXS7CUI2]HASSAN Link PASS=  HASSAN$
  • A217F U7 Android 11 OS AutoPatch Reset No Lost Network Link
  • A217f U8 Autopatch latest  U8 Link Mirror

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