Know more about Samsung Auto Patch Firmware


Samsung Auto Patch Firmware is a modified Samsung firmware that has pre-rooted features. And it has many benefits and uses in repairing Samsung phones such as:

  1. Repairing phone Network.
  1. Make Patch Cert to fix IMEIESNEFS to run phone network well.
  1. Converting Exynos devices to Dual SIM without TWRP.
  1. Activate call recording feature on unsupported devices.
  1. Fix problems with NG, KG status.
  1. Convert flash file from locale to Global firmware.

 Samsung Galaxy Firmware as you know it is a Genuine Samsung flash file. All each one contains 5 parts file called (PIT-BL-AP-CP-CSC-User data) of all devices.
  • PIT part may not come with all Samsung soft. responsible for dividing the memory and it is not used with smartphone that are suitable for its size.
  • BL (Boot loader) which is responsible for their root bootloader.
  • AP, PDA, or CODE , according to the flash edition, is the main part and has a large size, which is equivalent to a single file, as it contains system android parts. it comes with tar or md5 shape.
  • CP,PHONE, or MODEM, depending on the soft edition, responsible for identifying of network devices. We work on it to unlock carrier sim by IMEI for all models to be unlocked.
  • CSC part is responsible for the country of samsung device.

How to make Samsung AutoPatch Firmware Solution?

You can modify on the original firmware and re-making patch and re root many new files, to generate  new file that can flash by ODIN tool.

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In our site (Auto Patch Home) we will (In shaa Allah) provide you with best, new, latest pre rooted patched firmware for free.


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