Know more about Samsung MDM lock (Mobile Device Management)


Mobile device management refers to any tool or software designed to help IT administrators control and secure mobile devices like smartphones and tablets across an organization. Mobile device management is an important part of enterprise mobility management and endpoint management, especially as more companies adopt bring your own device (BYOD) policies that allow employees to access company data, files, and applications on their personal devices.

Benefits of Samsung Knox MDM

Using a Samsung Knox MDM for management offers various advantages. Some of the benefits of a Samsung Knox MDM are:

  1. Quick and easy deployment: By integrating with Knox Mobile Enrollment, MDM solutions can ensure zero-touch deployment of Knox devices managed by the organization.
  2. Robust management of device: By creating Groups based on roles, hierarchy, or departments in organizations, IT admins can ensure all the required configurations and apps are available on the devices, immediately upon activation.
  3. Additional support for configuration policies: MDM solutions support an extensive list of configuration profiles for Samsung Knox devices that complement the advanced security features on these devices. These configurations can be enforced on devices with no user intervention.
  4. Comprehensive control over devices: With additional features such as Geo-tracking and Remote Control, organizations can simplify device maintenance with Samsung Knox MDM solutions.
Which devices have Knox security?

Not every Samsung device comes with in-built Knox compatibility. Refer here to know exactly which Samsung devices are Knox-capable.

How to setup Knox Container?

To setup a Knox Container on Knox-supported Samsung devices using MDM, these are the steps to be followed:

  • Create a Knox portal account and purchase licenses: Create an account in the Samsung Knox portal using your corporate email ID and purchase the required number of licenses.
  • Upload licenses to Mobile Device Manager Plus: The purchased licenses can then be uploaded to the Mobile Device Manager Plus server console to facilitate distribution to managed Samsung devices. You will be required to enter the license key and its expiry date on the MDM server.
  • Distribute licenses: Once the required Knox licenses are added to the MDM server, you can choose whether you want to distribute them automatically or manually. Picking automatic distribution, will result in Knox licenses getting distributed to Knox devices upon enrollment. Manual distribution will facilitate the admin to select the managed Knox devices to which the licenses have to be distributed.
  • When a valid Knox license is distributed and applied to a device, a Knox container will be created within it, facilitating the user to securely access corporate apps and files within that space.

How to make Samsung MDM remove file?

  • Making MDM FILE from Combination Firmware.


After you flashing MDM remove file you can

  • Use you phone normally.
  • You can making Hard Reset as you need.
  • You can connect to internet easily.
  • No fear to lock Phone again.


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