A03s SM-A037F Firmware OS 13 Full Dump Scatter-Security Files


A03s SM-A037F Firmware OS 13 Full Dump Scatter-Security Files

Hi there welcome to www.mobile5tech android website. In this post we will talking about A037f firmware flash for Samsung Galaxy A03s SM-A037F. All flash file with all AF binary and region product like (XNZ-XFE-XXV).

Samsung galaxy as firmware af-extract the contents of the firmware

Samsung Galaxy A03s SM-A037F firmware

The Original Genuine AF of Samsung mobiles software:
All each one  contains 5 parts called (PIT-BL-AP-CP-CSC-User data)AF of all Samsung phones.
  • PIT part may not come with all firmware. responsible for dividing the memory and it is not used with mobiles that are suitable for its size, i.e. if this file is intended for copies of 8 AF, for example, it cannot be used with a 16 gigabyte device as this other has a different part for it.
  • BL, boot (Bootloader) which is responsible for their root bootloader.
  • AP, PDA, or CODE , according to the stock version, is the main part and has a large size, which is equivalent to a single ROM, as it contains system parts. It comes with tar or md5 shape.
  • CP , PHONE, or MODEM, depending on the galaxy edition, responsible for identifying the modem of network android devices. We work on it to unlock carrier sim for all models.
  • CSC part is responsible for the country of all Samsung Galaxy model.

Samsung Galaxy A03s SM-A037F Firmware direct links

Here you are all latest, new, official stock with large mix fast downloads link by ascending bit build number security package as downgrade firmware solution :- 

  • U1 AF Android 12 file

  • U2 Flash Android12 AF  download

  • A037F Full Dump- Scatter- Security Files
A03s A037F A037FXXS2CWA3 OS 13 Full Dump + Scatter + Security Files LINK

  • How to download rom via Sammobile.com and SamFw.
  • If you want more SM-A037F please check this page or this to get and find all firmware flash file free download repair firmware full.
  • You can use Odin tool to install Samsung firmware versions or you should using z3x box.
  • Before you can flashing A03s software you should download and setup samsung usb drivers file.

  • Read also download firmware files :


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