A03s SM-A037F Auto patch Firmware BIT1

Hi There, you welcome to our site. In this part we will talking About A03s Dual-SIM SM-A037F autopatch OS auto root firmware file with all AF binaries (U1).

Android Autopatch reset no lost network-AF-recorder-afxxuauh

An auto security patch fix stock is a modified rom that has pre-rooted features. And it has many benefits and uses in repairing phones such as:

  • Repairing phone network.
  • Fixing lose (IMEI, ESN, EFS) to phone run well.
  • Converting Exynos devices to DualSIM without TWRP.
  • Activate call recording feature on unsupported devices.
  • Fix problems with NG, KG status.
  • Convert firmware from locale to Global stock.

SM AF Autopatch Firmware Samsung A03s A037F Rev1 download link

  • If you need latest update AF Flash.
  • If you need Official AF Combination.
  • Download last version of Odin3.
  • Setup samsung USB driver on your PC.

  • Read also free Auto Patch files


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