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  Over the years, we've seen our community grow to over a million developers, from individual stores to companies with hundreds of Google Play Console users. As you get older, Play Console has evolved with you. But as we've added new features to keep up with your changing needs, Play Console is getting increasingly busy and a little difficult to navigate. So we've redesigned it from the ground up to ensure it can continue to help you grow your business on Google Play for years to come.

Today, you can try out the new Google Play Console by joining the beta version. Visit the Play Console in its new home: play.google.com/console

We designed the new Play Console to be more useful. Now you can:

  • Find, discover and understand important features more easily
  • Get new guidance on policy changes, release status, advice and user feedback
  • Better understanding of performance statistics with new acquisition reports
  • Examine each of your app packages and learn how Google Play improves artifacts for users
  • Safely enable everyone on your team to use our features with new user management options.
  • On behalf of the entire team at Google Play, I am happy to share the beta version with you and get your feedback. Many thanks to the hundreds of developers who have already given feedback - your contributions help us improve Play Console for the entire developer community.

Clearer and easier to use

The new Google Play Console is built on Google Material, the user interface design system for all Google branded products. This brings a number of advantages as explained by the lead designer of the project.
"This design system is easier to read and scan, using print and space to define sections and enable a clear information hierarchy. A consistent and thoughtful set of patterns and components ensures that features are as easy and intuitive to use as possible, even if you're new to them."

The new Play Console is also responsive, so you can use it across your devices, at home, at work, or on the go. The responsive design also supports right-to-left languages ​​including Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew. The team is finalizing our mobile layouts now, so these features will be rolling out in beta in the coming weeks.

New navigation

Since many Play Console users can be industry professionals such as Growth Managers or QAs, we designed the new navigation to reflect the way you work, making it easy to find all the tools needed for your business.
Features related navigation groups based on what you want to achieve. For example, all acquisition setup, reporting, and optimization tools are now grouped into a single "growth" section. We're also adding a search feature to beta soon, so you can jump to specific features or pages more quickly.

Navigating the Google Play Console
New navigation organizes features based on your goals.
Likewise, we've made the distinction between your production path and internal, closed, and open test paths clearer. This reflects best practices and will make it easier for your team to understand the status of your application paths at a glance so you can launch them with confidence.

Clearer overviews

The new releases overview gives you a snapshot of all your paths, so now you can see information about your internal, closed, and open test paths, as well as your production path. Quickly see how many users are testing your app or the most recent countries you've launched in.

Versions overview on Play Console
The new releases overview allows you to see information about all your routes at a glance.

Easier posting

We've renamed Timed Publishing for managed publishing. Use it to see a summary of changes that are under review and to control when they are published on Google Play. Managed publishing also helps you understand all the changes sent across your releases, store listings, and more. For those with bigger teams, you can now review and coordinate all changes in one place so everything is published at the same time.

Managed publishing on Google Play Console

Submit your updates for review and launch them when you're ready with Managed Deployment
The Artifact library has evolved into the new Application Package Explorer, which you can find in the "Version" section. You can examine the application packages you have uploaded to Play and understand how Google Play processes them to create Enhanced Service Items. Download everything Play creates, including pre-installation APKs on devices and standalone APKs, access the install link for previous versions for testing purposes, and see detailed dynamic delivery information. And when you launch a new app, check out our new guided setup to help you get into production with confidence.

Set up your app on Google Play Console
Guided preparation includes best practices to help you reach production with confidence

More ways to get the answers you need fast
It's now easier to find important information, with more ways to get the answers you need, right when you need it.

More clear policy and compliance information

The new policy status and app content sections make it easy for you to provide the information Google Play needs to confirm that your apps comply with our policies, and to quickly identify if there's an issue that needs to be addressed. We know this can be a concern, so we designed these new sections to help guide you through the process, and they will continue to grow over time.

Application content section on Google Play Console
The App Content section makes it easy to provide the information Google Play needs to confirm that your apps comply with our policies


The new Play Console Inbox app is coming soon, bringing together everything we think you'll need to know about your apps and games. Never miss an important message, update, recommendation or event.

The new Google Play Console mailbox
Find important messages about your apps and games in the new Play Console mailbox

Easier education

Many of you have told us that you don't feel like you are using the full potential of the Google Play Console because you are not sure what features are available or the best way to use them. To help, key features now include educational pages to help your teams understand their value and how to add them to your workflows. These also serve as a hub for relevant information, such as our comprehensive documentation on the Help Center, Play Academy courses, developer case studies, and more.

Play Console Statistics Tutorials

Tutorial pages help you understand key features and how to add them to your workflows
These pages can be accessed without a Play Console account so you can easily share them.
Visit the new educational pages at play.google.com/console/about

Understand your performance

Many of you have told us that you value the Google Play Console acquisition reports because they help you understand the impact of store listing optimization and marketing investment. But you also told us that the current report made it difficult to see how your performance was trending over time, and you wanted to analyze performance across multiple dimensions together, like country and source of acquisition.
New acquisition reports focus on analyzing trends, understanding relationships between metrics, and now support expanded dimensions including language, store listing and repurchase.

Google Play Console Store Data Transformation Analytics

New filters and dimensions let you see trends by acquisition type and region to truly understand your performance. Advanced filters and dimensions allow you to navigate by acquisition type and region to truly understand your performance. For example, is your campaign to increase free installs in France paying off? Now you can find out.
Deeply integrated performance benchmarks - including more than 100 application and game categories, as well as countries and regions - will be rolled out soon, which can help you identify areas of growth and where to lead the market.

Better and safer team management

Another area we have improved is team member management. The new Google Play Console includes features, insights, and data to help every member of your team, from engineers, program managers, and quality helpers to marketing managers and executives. We know that giving broad access to everyone in your organization can be a challenge, with permissions sometimes difficult to understand, and a user interface that has made managing large numbers of team members difficult.

We've updated the new team member management area with better and more precise controls. Written in collaboration with the developers, the new permission names and descriptions are clearer, so you can understand what you allow - and don't allow - for people. There's a clearer differentiation between general permissions and apps, and we've added full user search and bulk editing capabilities to make it easier to manage your teams.

Users and Permissions on the Google Play Console

Safely give your team members access to Play Console features with fine-grained permission controls. We want as many people as possible to benefit from our Play Console tools, and these changes should help you give access with confidence.

The above features are just the beginning - every page on the Google Play Console has been optimized. Features like beta launch reports, Android vital data, stats, and Play Game Services are becoming more usable and useful. To learn more about the new features in the Play Console, check out this free on-demand course from Play Academy.

Visit play.google.com/console to check out your beta today. Once you do, please share your thoughts using this feedback form or in the Play Console using the button on the top left. Your feedback is important to help our teams build better products for you.


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