Fix Android Utility Tool to work Offline

Fix Android Utility Tool to work Offline

Android Utility Tool v122.00.2022 is a simple exe developed by Mofadal El-Tayeb that primarily used to bypass SLA AUTH permission from MTK (MediaTek) devices for free tools. It also allows to dump Preloader, crash Preloader to BROM, factory Reset, Format, unlock FRP lock, etc.. from any MTK powered android tools smartphone for free apps for android devices.


In 1st December 2023 the doesn't work again so you can run it as offline tool just follow this

  • You must disconnect internet from PC.
  • Then you must edit PC Date to 4-11-2023 see that Image to see it works fine again.
  • Connect any box you have.
  • Enjoy.
See this clip to know how

Auto bat to change date link unzip password= MOBILE 5G

How to use it Auto bat

  1. Run 1.bat as ADMINSTRATOR to change PC date to 4-11-2023.
  2. To return PC date to actual date run 2 bat as ADMINSTRATOR.

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